Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Guillermo and Me

I kind of love Guillermo del Toro. I do. I like his films a lot and every little bit more I learn about the man, I love him more and more. I had no idea he had "co-wroten" a book! I'll have to pick it up.

Craig is pretty awesome too.

Check out this fantastic and funny interview.

Some of my favorite things (probably don't read these unless you've watched the interview):

"being a sick, fat human being" lol oh Guillermo!

"vampires are meant to be frightening, not some actor douchebag with big hair... that's, that's not a vampire! that, my friend, is a JONAS BROTHER!" OH LOL CRAIG

vampire peepees! LOL! (Though I have actually read one other book that went into that pretty much in depth. I'll have to compare the two books when I read this one!)

"well, they haven't excavated under the cellar under my house... I'm still a free man" <3 Guillermo, really. <3 I love that he grew up reading old vampire lore! (And have you seen pictures of his HOUSE? Seriously? HE IS SO AWESOME. I wish to be his friend and hang out with him!!)

"The fat man is a geek!" :) (Also, I love how excited Craig got when HP Lovecraft came up!)

Here's an interview about Guillermo del Toro's house.

And here is a picture of the entry to his house.

I think I will have to send him an engraved invitation to the Not House when I get it up and running. And perhaps he will return the favor and invite me to his home! Maybe we'll be best friends. I think I'll write a song about it. I'll call it "Guillermo and Me", and I'll put it on youtube and then he'll see it and realize that we are BFFs separated at birth and he'll call me up and we'll be reunited.

'cause we were meant to be... oh yeah... Guillermo and me...

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